Instagram vs THE REAL

It is perusing Instagram photos of beautiful, flawless faces “#nomakeup” or seeing artistically arranged “brunch with BFF!” photos whilst drinking my lumpy and brown smoothie that is supposed to be  “green,” that I tend to forget one thing- social media is NOT, REAL, LIFE.

I know I’m not the only one (cue Sam Smith) guilty of romanticizing other people’s lives through social media. But I’m here to remind you (and myself); though we can appreciate photos of a beautiful Hawaiian sunset or a well-crafted acai bowl, no one’s life is sunshine and rainbows (and spin class and green juice and yachts) 100% of the time. These same people brush their teeth, blow their nose, fart, flip people off in traffic, and eat ungodly amounts of peanut butter from a jar with chocolate chips on top (oh wait, that’s me). Not everyone chooses to post all sides of their life. I can appreciate both the gorgeous selfie in the car (looking good, girl!!!) and the beautiful beach scenery. It’s believing I know what someone else’s life is like based on these photos where trouble starts.

As a new mom, I’ll be the first to say: my life is messy. Literally. There are blowouts all the time. Sleepless nights… teething spells… scratches and bruises. Interrupted showers, half-eaten meals, soggy sheets. Sometimes, motherhood can feel like one big poopy diaper change. But you wouldn’t know that just from looking at my instagram account. I post pictures of my baby’s laughter. His smiles. His squeezes. Pictures of him sitting up for the first time all by himself, of the silly face he makes when we do our best to make him smile. These are the times I reach for my phone. These are the memories I want to share with my loved ones. Does this mean this is all my life consists of? Absolutely not. Does this mean I’m being dishonest? Absolutely not! These are authentic moments, ones I have chosen to share. 

IMG_2758Jack showing off his spectrum of human emotion (:

In conclusion? Instagram ain’t “real.” So go out and enjoy yourselves this weekend. Life’s short. Your phone will be waiting for you when you get back (:

What are your thoughts? Does social media effect the way you view other people’s lives? What is your posting philosophy?  Thanks for sharing. Until next time!